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So like most other people in the world who enjoy comic books or graphic novels, I went to see The Watchmen movie today. Andres and I made an interesting control group. See, when I was in the States in December, I bought him a copy of it. He read it before the movie came out. I wanted to, but I have real trouble reading outside of the standard book format. I don't read word by word, or even line by line. I read by paragraph (which is why I read so fast). However, if you take those paragraphs and put them all over the place, in boxes, circles, and on top of pictures, I basically can't sort it out. I've tried. After a while, the leaping around and displacement of text gives me a headache and then I get nauseous. I've never met anyone else with this problem.

End result? I read three pages of the graphic novel before giving up. I figured if the movie was hard to follow, I could ask Andres for guidance. Therefore, I went in with only the cool images from the trailer in head. Until about 1/3 of the way through the movie, I assumed Jon (Dr Manhattan was an alien, along the lines of the Silver Surfer). Imagine my surprise when I found out the backstory!

Andres says the film is very faithful to the book, just with some of the side stories pared away. There was minimal alteration to the primary plot. I can't address that. I can only only give my impressions of the movie, going in uninitiated into the Watchmen world.

First off: I didn't read reviews. I seldom do because the stuff the critics enjoy often bores the crap out of me. I like movies that aren't PC, star Adam Sandler or Rob Schneider. Personally, I thought The Piano was a boring PoS that made me want to walk into the ocean after watching it. So we've established I'm not the intellectual elite. I love Vin Diesel movies, ones where Jason Statham drives a car too fast. I like it when stuff goes boom. The Spiderman movies, for instance, set off my emo-meter. They make me want to barf. No offense is meant to any person who loves the Spiderman movies; they just aren't my thing. The new Superman movie bordered on too emo for me.

I quite liked the Bale Batman movies. I looooooved the Punisher movie starring Thomas Jayne. I dug the X-Men flicks, and I have high hopes for Wolverine. HellBoy makes me tingly. Now you have some idea where I stand on my super-flicks, yeah? 

Watchmen gets two big thumbs up from me. For me, it's like a combination of Sin City and the Fantastic Four (which stunk out loud), but in a good way. It has all the darkness, grit, and noir of Sin City with the super-team feel of the FF. Get me? It's like a superhero movie examined through the broken end of a kaleidoscope. The story takes place in the aftermath of the heyday. The characters are compelling, and the development is quite impressive, considering it's an ensemble movie. You see the chinks in their armor; they're not super-strong, untouchable and perfect. These heroes are bloody, broken, flawed, wounded and drowning in a river of night.

It's strong, visual, violent, and in some places, heart-breaking. If you want a linear story, like Batman, or you're expecting some slick, feel-good special effects vehicle, this isn't for you. Watchmen is a movie that shines a light on the darkest aspects of human nature and suggests that there's no salvation, except through the fires we, ourselves, have stoked. But it didn't leave me in despair. It left me with hope. I suggest you go see it.



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Mar. 8th, 2009 11:08 pm (UTC)
I for one liked it enough to give it another go. Unfortunately, I was very tired on Thursday when my nephew & I went to the midnight opening. I kept doing the head nod during the slower parts.

I liked that they gave the backstory and didn't assume you know your Watchmen-shite....because I don't. I never read the comic. Which I was sorry for because I really wanted a poster they were giving out during the trivia contest just before the start. ....and I WANTED A FRIGGIN' BUTTON!! I just didn't get tossed one & it was my birthday! *sniffles*
Ok...my bday had ended at midnight, but hey, I wanted that darn smiley button. *sigh*

Oh, I loved the trailers before the show...Terminator Salvation, Wolverine: Origins, & 9. I really want to see these movies!

What I really enjoyed from the movie: soundtrack & Rorschach. Rorschach had the best scenes & backstory, in my Watchmen-uneducated opinion.

hhhmmm...I guess this is my review of the movie. think I'll repost it if you don't mind, 'cuz i'm lazy like that! ;p
Mar. 8th, 2009 11:24 pm (UTC)
I'm waiting for the hubby to finish reading the graphic novel so we can go see the movie. Like you, I have trouble reading comics. I don't get nausea, but it takes me aaaaages to get through each page because, like you mentioned, the mental sorting required to put together the story challenges my brain. Also, I try to decipher meaning in the graphics (whether or not they're there), and, well, it just takes a long time and I lose the momentum of the story. Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing the movie.
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